Abdominal Workouts – Our Top 10 Abs Workouts [Pictures Included]

Proper abdominal workouts at the gym or home for beginners

Abdominal workouts are a great thing if you want to tone and tighten those ab muscles but they are not good at eliminating the belly fat that sits on top of them. For the muscles that have been toned and tightened to appear we need to remove the fat that is covering them.

With the correct workouts and some motivation, you will have that belly fat gone in no time.

The best workout is one that burns the fat as well as working your muscles. A good product that works will sell millions like Apple and its great iPhones.

So look for a program that has been bought by thousands of people because it works! It will eliminate body fat as you go. You will need to choose the one that is right for you.

I always ask the trainer, and you know what! The question that always been asked the most is how to get a flatter stomach and those washboard abs.

Most people want a single solution to this problem but unfortunately, there is not just one magical cure.

There are some people out there who will try to sell you the one best cure for belly fat but be assured that it won’t work. It will take you dedication and some hard work every week to get the core and the mid-section that you are after.

So what should we do?

In order to get rid of belly fat and give those muscles hidden under its definition, it will take hard work with a good nutritious diet and some quality exercises to work on the area.

You will need cardio work and abdominal workouts to get a good result. It is a combination of these factors that is important, not just 100 sit-ups every day.

I have picked a set of abdominal workouts that will get you started on your way and if you do these for 15 minutes a day you will get into the shape you want.

My wife has got the flat stomach back after our second baby in 3 months of intensive training and a good diet. The workouts work and the variety will stop you from getting fed up with them.

Doing these abdominal workouts will strengthen your core and improve your posture at the same time as relieving backache and give you the appearance of having lost 10 pounds too.

You will need to do these workouts 2 or 3 times each week until your muscles feel fatigued. That should take anywhere between 30 and 90 seconds depending on your fitness levels.

Rest for up to 60 seconds and do another set. If you are a regular exerciser you should be able to do up to 3 sets at a time.

So lets the fun begin, here are our top 10 abdominal workouts for beginners.

Dead Bug

Lie down on your back and lift your legs and bend the knees till they are at right angles at the knees. Raise both arms in the air beside your head.

At the same time, lower your left foot to the floor without touching and do the same with your right arm, tighten tummy muscles as you do it. Return to starting position and do with the right foot and left arm.

Continue until muscles start to fail. Rest and repeat. This is a good abdominal workout for the stabilization of your core.

Toe Taps

Lie down on your back and form a triangle with knees bent and toes in the air. Slowly, lower left foot then right foot till they are just off the floor. Hold for a second then return feet to starting position.

This is just a small movement but it will work those abs. Continue for 90 seconds then rest for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat.


Lie down on your back with bent knees and feet flat on the floor. You want to use all of your stomach muscles in a circle. Start with the left side muscles and contract and relax then contract abdominals then right side, then abdominals again.

Don’t let the full weight of your torso sit on the floor. Lift it off slightly as you go. Go in one direction until muscle fatigue, rest for 30seconds, and go around the other way. Continue for 90 seconds rest and repeat.

Alphabet writing

Still lying on the floor, raise your head and shoulders off the floor and pretend that your head is a pencil and write the letters of the alphabet by moving your head. Continue for 90 seconds then rest and start again. Remember to keep your shoulders off the floor.

Butt Ups

Lying on your stomach with arms stretched out in front; lift yourself up onto your toes and forearms. Dip knees to floor after holding the position for 5 seconds. Continue for 90 seconds. You will be able to hold the pose for 90 seconds eventually.

For the beginner to these abdominal workouts keep your hands close together, it will make it easier to do. As you get better at this and your strength increases move your arms apart till they are at shoulder width.

Air bike

Lie on your back and use your legs and arms. Lift and straighten the right leg, bend left knee to your chest, move your right elbow to left knee, hold for 1 second, and swap legs and arms. Continue for 90 seconds rest and repeat.

Make your movements controlled and slow. This is a great workout that you will soon be doing it smoothly and with more control after a bit of practice.

Invisible chair

Sit on the floor with your knees bent in front of you and feet on the floor. Put your hands under your legs near the knees and lean back until your arms are straight. You should look like you are lying in a recliner. Use your tummy muscles to do the work, your arms are just there to help with the angle you need to make.

Hold for a second then go back to starting position. Continue for 90 seconds, rest then repeat.

Rope Climbs

Lying on your back, stretch both arms to the ceiling. Pretend that you are climbing up a rope and stretching to reach it. Your shoulders and head should be off the floor. This uses the obliques as well as the abs.

Do this 10 to 15 times on each side then rest and repeat. If you end up with a sore neck, just use one arm and support your neck with the other hand.

Push up Superman

Get in the start position for a push-up, hands, and toes on the floor. Slowly raise your left leg and right arm straight out from your body. Hold for a second then swap arms and legs. Continue for 90 seconds rest and repeat.

This is difficult as it relies on your stomach muscles to keep you steady. It is similar to planking but you use alternate arms and legs to stretch out while the other arm and leg support your body. Try to keep your back straight.

Straight leg obliques

Lying on your back, stretch your arms out to the side and rest on the floor. Lift both legs up to the vertical, hold, and then slowly lower both legs together to one side. Try to keep both hips on the floor. Return to the vertical position and lower to the other side. Continue for 90 seconds then rest and repeat.


There is no quick way to get rid of belly fat and have great abdominals. it all takes time and considerable effort on your behalf. If you continue doing these abdominal workouts and eating the right foods you will notice a change in your shape and your core strength and muscle tone after 6 weeks.

Yes, it takes a long time of dedicated effort but it will be worth it in the end. It took the likes of Madonna and Demi Moore hours of hard work to get the shape they have now.

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